• Top 10 Performance Smartphones, September 2016

    The past September gave mobile phone enthusiasts many surprises, there was not only the release of iPhone 7, but also the release of new models like LeEco and Xiaomi powered by new Snapdragon 821, which...

    2016-10-28 01:05:32
  • AnTuTu Smartphone Cost Peformance Ranking List

    The report AnTuTu Smartphone Cost Performance Ranking we released at the end of May this year has caught widespread attention, and pageview of this report broke 10,0000+ easily. Meanwhile, many friends...

    2016-09-21 02:47:38
  • Top 10 Smartphones with Highest Applause Rate, August 2016

    Mobile phones keep multiplying at an dazzling rate, which is a source of motivation to propel the mobile industry forward. Just like every salesman boasts of his own wares, in every release conference...

    2016-09-10 00:48:55
  • Top 10 Performance Smartphones, August 2016

    Mobile phones keep multiplying at an dazzling rate with new models constantly breaking the performance records. Even though, tech geeks’ enthusiasm for new models has never been changed. Antutu Top 10...

    2016-09-06 02:50:19
  • Top 10 Cost-effective Smartphones, July 2016

    The thriving Rio Olypic Games has finally ended. Although "national husband" Zhang Jike and "mystic girl" Fu Yuanhui keep grabing headlines, mobile phone manufacturers ,too, has not been idol. Many newl...

    2016-09-02 01:07:54
  • Top 10 Smartphones with Highest Applause Rate, July 2016

    In the mobile industry, tutu firmly believe that one of the most important things to consider when making a purchase decision is user reviews. No matter how mobile phone manufactures advertise their phones...

    2016-08-27 00:35:46
  • Top 10 Performance Smartphones-July 2016

    Along with the release of many new smartphones in July, Antutu updated the Top 10 Performance Smartphones in July. From the list, we can see that at present Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with 4GB/6GB RAM, 64GB...

    2016-08-19 02:41:22
  • Top 10 Global Popular Phones and User Preferences, 1H 2016

    Do mobile phone fans have special preference while purchasing mobile phones? Care more about brand? Or just take the price into consideration? Or have special requirements on the performance? In fact,...

    2016-07-23 01:51:46
  • Top Performance Chips & Market Shares, 1H 2016

    After sharing the mobile phone performance ranking and hot mobile phone types of all areas in the first half of 2016, next, Antutu will tell you about Android chip brand distribution and popular ranking...

    2016-07-14 02:31:27
  • Most Popular Smartphones (Android) 1H,2016

    Time flies,the first half year of 2016 has passed, conventionally,every year at this time, Antutu will share with you different rankings of the lists.Hum hum, do you feel cheerful while listening about...

    2016-07-06 23:38:52
  • TOP 10 Performance Smartphones, 1H 2016

    It is time for us to review the TOP 10 Performance smartphones of the past half year. It is easy to notice that the Snapdragon 820,4GB RAM with64GB ROM is the standard configuration for flagship models...

    2016-07-02 02:46:04
  • Antutu Best Performance Smartphones TOP 10, May 2016

     Many new flagship models appeared on stage in May which made the Antutu TOP 10 perfromance of May 2016 quite competitive. Top 3 in May are all adopt Qualcomm snapdragon 820, with 6GB RAM and 64GB/128GB...

    2016-06-04 01:15:09
  • Antutu Chip Performance TOP 10, April 2016

    Many new smartphones emerged in the market in April, like Huawei P9, Meizu Pro 6 ,LeEco Le 2 and etc.,which means it is necessary to update Antutu chip performance ranking this month. How this Antutu...

    2016-05-19 02:43:16
  • Antutu Report :Most Popular Smart phones (Android) Q1,2016

    Samsung delivered a really nice performance in global market . Chinese phone makers are making great effort in overseas marketing.,especially in India.

    2016-04-08 22:28:39
  • Antutu Report:TOP 10 Performance Smartphones, Q1 2016

    With the coming of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 devices, big changes in 2016 Q1 Antutu performance ranking. Some of the Android flagship’s performance is better than iPhone. Here is the ranking detail.

    2016-04-01 21:35:22
  • Antutu Lab: Knock-off Phones in China & How to Verify

    It's well-known that China has a strong capacity for imitation and creation, and it's not long after a new phone appears on the market that a counterfeit or knock-off version is created, no matter Xiaomi...

    2016-03-15 01:28:10
  • AnTuTu’s Report :TOP-10 Performance Smartphone Chips

     The above-mentioned information is just AnTuTu’s report on top-10 performance smartphone chips. From these data analysis, we can find out that Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 takes the lead regarding its...

    2016-03-03 02:00:49
  • Antutu Report: TOP 10 Popular Android Smartphones in 2015 Q4

    Antutu report:Most popular Android smartphones TOP 10 in 2015 Q4 hot baked! Through this report we are glad to Chinese brands are becoming more and more popular all around the world. Let’s check Antutu...

    2016-01-27 00:11:17
  • Antutu:2015 Global TOP 10 Best Performance Smartphones

    In Q4,2015,iPhone 6S,with its A9 processor, won the championship of performance ranking, over 130000 Antutu score . Huawei Mate 8 got NO.2 ,about 90000 Antutu score, with Hisilicon Kirin . Samsung Exynos...

    2016-01-13 19:16:50
  • Why do you need to download and install the Antutu 3DBench a

    Why do you need to download and install the Antutu 3DBench apk?

    2015-12-28 23:11:21