• Antutu Report: TOP 10 Popular Android Smartphones in 2015 Q4

    Antutu report:Most popular Android smartphones TOP 10 in 2015 Q4 hot baked! Through this report we are glad to Chinese brands are becoming more and more popular all around the world. Let’s check Antutu...

    2016-01-27 00:11:17
  • Antutu:2015 Global TOP 10 Best Performance Smartphones

    In Q4,2015,iPhone 6S,with its A9 processor, won the championship of performance ranking, over 130000 Antutu score . Huawei Mate 8 got NO.2 ,about 90000 Antutu score, with Hisilicon Kirin . Samsung Exynos...

    2016-01-13 19:16:50
  • Why do you need to download and install the Antutu 3DBench a

    Why do you need to download and install the Antutu 3DBench apk?

    2015-12-28 23:11:21
  • Chip Performance on Antutu V6.0

    Like What we said in the report on V6.0, there are many new testing items and new standards in V6.0. The Antutu testing score will be different compared with V5.x. To let users be more familiar the new...

    2015-12-09 02:10:29
  • Antutu Benchmark V6--New Journey of the Best Benchmark

     The logo of Antutu changes from the lovely rabbit to a cool rabbit. And New UI is designed to be easy to use, better to understand.

    2015-11-21 00:11:48
  • Antutu Report: Top popular smartphones in 2015, Q3

    “Global Mobile Phone Vendor Shipments” is one of the most hot topic these days.In Antutu’s opinion, which one is the largest may be not the most important for users. Which one has the best performanc...

    2015-11-05 02:45:43
  • Most popular Android Smartphones, 1H 2015

    It is the time again that we could check what was going on in the past half year in the smartphone market. Which device is your favorite and is it in this top list? Let’s check it one by one.

    2015-07-17 01:39:32
  • AnTuTu report: Most popular Android Smartphones Q1 2015

    We talk about what’s the most popular smartphones every quarter and every year. Antutu shares its data and the analysis reports with users all around the world. Through these reports, users will have...

    2015-04-21 19:38:09
  • Antutu Report:TOP 10 Performance Smartphones,Q1,2015

    We are waving goodbye to the first quarter of 2015 and it is time for Antutu to release the quarterly report for the best performance of Android smart phones.

    2015-03-31 18:11:50
  • AnTuTu report: Most popular Android Smartphones 2014

    After AnTuTu released the best performance Android smartphones 2014 this week, the rankings of most popular smartphones come out today. Let’s check the trend of smartphones in 2014. Beside the global...

    2015-01-17 03:24:10
  • AnTuTu Report: Best Android Smartphones 2014

    2014 is a great year for mobile device industry. Numerous flagships of big brands and also some black horses run into the best choice list.

    2015-01-13 01:05:17
  • 2014“Knockoff cellphones“Report from AnTuTu

    “Knockoff cellphones“,a unique word and industry with Chinese feature, means the cheap cellphones with MTK chips, simulating devices of big mobile manufacturers and get high profit. 2014 is a fruitfu...

    2015-01-09 21:56:12
  • AnTuTu V5.5: New Interface, New Using Experience

    Antutu has just updated to the V5.5, which will bring you the brand-new using experience. The user interface refresh and improvements on 64-bit processor testing are the main features of this major update...

    2014-12-25 02:39:34
  • TOP 10 Popular Android Smartphones in Q3,2014

    Antutu releases the report of the most popular smartphones ranking of the third quarter, 2014.The report is based on Antutu data coming from over 160 countries. It is a bit late but it still could provide...

    2014-11-12 03:11:42
  • Best Performance Smartphones in Q3,2014

    Antutu just released the top 10 best performance smartphones ranking of the third quarter, 2014. It is a bit late but it still reflects the trends of mobile industry.

    2014-11-11 18:58:33
  • AnTuTu Benchmark V5.0--New Era of Android Benchmarking

    To meet the trends of mobile industry and new needs of users, AnTuTu team is optimizing and update AnTuTu benchmark all the time, from testing items to testing algorithm.This time, AnTuTu makes a great...

    2014-08-29 01:20:44
  • Most Popular Smartphones TOP 10 (for China)

    We have talked about top 10 popular devices in many countries in last chapter. Today, we will focus China market.

    2014-07-25 02:58:12
  • Best Performance Smartphones TOP10, Q2 2014

    This data report is based on the data statistics analysis, Antutu Benchmark V4.0.Antutu database has received 10635159 scores device score information in second quarter, 5698587 from mainland China and...

    2014-07-25 02:43:11
  • Most Popular Smartphones TOP 10 (World wide)

    Antutu released series reports of the most popular smart phones last quarter,2014. Large amount of new devices entered into market in April and the ranking of Antutu also has some change. Antutu database...

    2014-07-24 03:07:03
  • Huawei Hisilicon AnTuTu V5.0(Beta)

    We start to talk about Hisilicon by K3V2. The update-process of Hisilicon is relatively slower than other manufacturers. It takes Hisilicon 2 years to replace K3V2 in their flagship product line We are...

    2014-07-22 02:17:46