• Snapgragon on AnTuTu V5.0(Beta)

    With AnTuTu V5.0 update,the scores of chips will also have some variation, especially the graphic performance of some top chips will get full demonstration. In the following days, we will see how these...

    2014-07-11 02:40:03
  • Popular Devices Score Comparison of AnTuTu V4.0 and V5.0(Bet

    AnTuTu is shifting the scoring system to give more weight to graphics performance. Also, in this new version, we use real game engines like Cocos2D and Havok for both 2D and 3D test. New test items added...

    2014-07-11 01:38:24
  • What’s New in Antutu V5.0

    Every improvement or update of Antutu benchmark is on the basic of the development of smart phone industry and also the performance needs of user. This time, Antutu V5.0 will bring you deeper understanding...

    2014-07-10 02:36:39
  • Most Popular Android Phones Rankings(update)

    After releasing ranking of popular Android phones of global,China and USA, Antutu released some other countries rankings.

    2014-04-25 03:48:08
  • TOP 10 Most Popular Android Phones in Q1, 2014

    In Q1 2014, although almost every mobile phone manufacturer released new flagship models, the most popular devices are still those Flagship products published last year.

    2014-04-15 19:56:25
  • Benchmarking Test Is Just About Integrity

    Some reports have suggested that HTC may be cheating in benchmarks recently, when it comes to AnTuTu. The new Asian HTC One (M8) model scored differently in the AnTuTu 4.0 and the AnTuTu X app...

    2014-04-02 19:43:06
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 leaks to feature with flexible display

    Rumor mill has picked up its pace in the past few days when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S5. We’ve seen all sorts of rumors, ranging from its specifications to its design.

    2013-12-31 22:43:19
  • Asus teases 4-, 5-, and 6-inch smart devices for CES 2014

    In anticipation of 2014's first big trade show, Asus is looking to draw some hype to its anticipated smartphone announcements with a second CES teaser. Take a look:

    2013-12-31 21:38:50
  • Nokia wins an injunction against all HTC devices in Germany

    Another one of Nokia’s lawsuits against HTC in Germany ended favorably for the Finnish manufacturer. Nokia won a patent injunction against all Android devices of the Taiwanese manufacturer, including...

    2013-12-31 19:55:55
  • Samsung announces 4GB DDR4 mobile DRAM

    Samsung has been working hard this holiday season and today announced its 8Gb (that's 1GB) LPDDR4 mobile DRAM chip. This is not only the industry first LPDDR4 mobile DRAM, but it's also the first mobile...

    2013-12-31 19:19:19
  • Huawei Ascend Mate 2 photos leaked

    We recently posted some pictures of the Ascend Mate 2 from less than ideal angles, but now there is an entire photo gallery dedicated to Huawei's upcoming phablet.

    2013-12-31 18:47:17
  • Samsung teases more powerful Exynos-powered gadgets at CES

    CES is right around the corner - just days after New Year’s Eve, tech companies and journalists will be flooding the halls in Las Vegas. Samsung is bringing along something with Exynos inside.

    2013-12-30 18:58:58
  • AnTuTu Release:Octa LG Odin with PowerVR unveils on AnTuTu

    At the beginning of this year,LG released that they had working on an processor named Odin and it was said that the Odin would feature with HK - MG 28 nm manufacturing process based on octa-core ARM archit...

    2013-12-28 04:22:47
  • LG G3 to include fingerprint scanner?

    The Apple iPhone 5s and the HTC One max might not be the only handsets on the market to wield a fingerprint scanner, if the latest rumor is true. A published report out of Korea on Thursday indicates that...

    2013-12-28 01:20:23
  • What’s great and what’s concerning about 2K displays

    Let’s say you walk into a car dealership because you’re interested in a new Ford Focus. You’re a city guy/gal, and you need a vehicle that’s not too cheap, not too expensive, you need it to save...

    2013-12-27 23:30:46
  • Alcatel announces 2GHz octa-core Idol X+ for $330 in China

    TCL has officially announced their newest flagship phone: the Idol X+, and its specs are very impressive. While you may not have heard the name, TCL is the Chinese phone manufacturer that owns and activel...

    2013-12-27 22:30:56
  • Pepsi teams up with Oppo for a special edition N1

    The marriage of soft drink beverages and smartphone technology seems a bit far-fetched to us. That hasn't stopped Pepsi from teaming up with Oppo to release their very own version of the N1.

    2013-12-27 21:42:22
  • Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition review

    Just when everyone gave up hope on the rumor that Sony was going to be participating in the Google Play edition program, Google and Sony dropped the Z Ultra GPe right on top of us. Because it was a surpris...

    2013-12-27 02:54:22
  • Thickness 7.5mm Xiaomi panel image leaks

    Xiaomi China’s hottest Smartphone maker expands its product to panel market. Today we get some leaked pics of this rumored device from weibo.

    2013-12-27 02:43:27
  • HTC One 2 specifications hinted in 3D-printed mock-up

    When it comes to the world of HTC releases, it’s easy to mistake a new model for a new generation of the original HTC One. Keeping that in mind, we’re bearing witness today to a mock-up of a new HTC...

    2013-12-27 00:58:33