Q2 User Preference List 2024: Improved Configuration Is Key

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After the release of the Android and iOS lists for June, it's the turn of the quarterly lists, and today, the User Preference List for the second quarter of 2024 has been released, so let's see what's new in the mobile market.

Screen size:

6.7-inch screen is still the mainstream of the current mobile phone market, accounting for 41.7, ranked in the first place, the second gap is going to be much larger, 6.8-inch screen accounted for only 17.9.

Mobile phone market changes in the past few years has been very limited, especially on the screen size, 6.7 or so is really a most suitable size, can be held in one hand, but also can enjoy the large screen, is a very balanced choice.

Other screen sizes accounted for less because they are also some of the old machine is still in service, with the development of the times must be gradually to the large screen.

Screen resolution

Resolution this side can actually say less, because now even 1000 yuan out of the beginning of the mobile phone is now 1080P start, the icon, 180P mobile phone accounted for 68%, close to 70%, which is also the current status of the market, after all, the screen are 6.7 inches mainly, the resolution if the 720P resolution that looks like all the big particles.

And then after that is the popular 1.5K resolution in the past few years, accounting for 15.5%, compared to 2K it is more power saving, compared to 1080P it is also a better display, so it is really a very good choice, and even some flagships will be used to rank the second is to be expected.

Screen refresh rate

Large size + high resolution, that can not be missing is naturally high brush, so 120Hz high brush in the last quarter accounted for the best, 49.2%, soon to be 50% to occupy half of the river.

Further back is 60Hz refresh rate, accounting for 34.7%, in fact, this also contains the problem of adaptive refresh rate, now the flagship mobile phones have adopted, so 60Hz and 90Hz refresh rate may still have a certain share of the weight.

After that is some ultra-high brush, 144Hz and 165Hz, which is commonly used in gaming mobile phones, nothing else, for everything is to be the highest.

Processor brands

The distribution of processor brands is more generalised, after all, whether domestic or foreign, is Qualcomm a dominant, the difference is which proportion is greater.

Overseas market, Qualcomm share reached 50.9% in the second quarter, compared with 58.3% in the first quarter, a decrease of 7.4%, while MediaTek showed an increase in the stone, from 26.2% in the first quarter to 28.9%, an increase of 2.3%.

In fact, overseas markets will be a bit more receptive to MediaTek, after all, it is more cost-effective, and users in overseas markets are not as extreme in their performance requirements as domestic users, so MediaTek's incremental rock will be a bit more obvious.

CPU core number

The number of CPU cores is still dominated by 8 cores, accounting for 98.6%, or that old saying, all are 8-core in the future, now you want to find a 6-core or 4-core mobile phone market are difficult to find a new machine, but also on the list are actually some old machines are still in service, so the future of the 8-core processor will only be higher and higher, until 100%.


In terms of RAM, the overseas market is slower than the domestic progress, 8G still occupies the mainstream, accounting for 43.8%; while the domestic has been popularised to 12G as a start, the overseas market 12G memory accounted for 21.8%, or a bit weaker.

ROM, the overseas market is considered to follow up, 256G for the mainstream, accounting for 39.2%, it seems that large storage wherever the mainstream demand. The domestic users are most concerned about the super large memory, such as 512G and 1TB, etc., the percentage compared to the first quarter have improved, so it is also just that the overseas improvement is slower, and sooner or later it will also do 12+256G to start.

Android version

Android version number, Android 14 accounted for the highest proportion, came to 54.4%, followed by Android 13, Android 12, Android 11, etc., which is a normal performance, after all, the older the version of the use of less models, the less support for the models.

Overseas markets have also been more active in the update of Android versions in the past few years, after all, who want to use the first first of the latest Android system, and most of the machines in the overseas market are biased in favour of Android native, which is also simpler to use.

The above is the specific distribution of the second quarter of 2024 AnTuTu rabbit overseas market preference list, on the whole is also towards the large memory + large storage + large screen progress, just a little slower than the domestic, after all, if the internal volume, the domestic volume is really powerful. It should be noted that the preference list is based on AnTuTu users' mobile phone configuration statistics, so it does not represent the overall Android mobile phone market preference, we can only reference.