June iOS device performance chart: M4 chip scores up to 255W+

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Apple M4 chip released in May in this month finally succeeded in the list, and there is no doubt that the top of the list, as the current Apple in the mobile end of the strongest chip, our background included 2024 models of the iPad Pro 11-inch 8 + 256G version of the score came to 2550344, hit a new record high in the running score of iOS devices.

Specific ranking, the two new iPad Pro took the first and second place respectively, the same 8 + 256G version, the 11-inch running score data is slightly better than the 13-inch, this is because we obtained is the average of the running score data, rather than the highest value, so that calculations will naturally be a little discrepancy, and it is possible that you will also run out of the running score than we have a higher/lower score, these have a higher/lower score than our value, these have a higher/lower score than our value. Lower scores are possible.

First place: iPad Pro 11 2024 (8+256GB M4 chip)

Average running score: 2550344

Second place: iPad Pro 13 2024 (8+256GB M4 chip)

Average Running Score: 2520187

Third place: iPad Pro 6 (12.9-inch M2 chip)

Average running score: 2018181

The 2024 model of the iPad Pro series directly skipped the M3 chip, one step upgraded to the latest M4, to add a tablet product to such a high-performance processor, this kind of thing can only be done by Apple, but also because of such a high level of investment, the price of the iPad Pro has come to a new high in history, with 11-inch 8,999 yuan starting, and 13-inch 11,499 yuan starting.

Some users have calculated that the 13-inch 1TB version of the iPad Pro, plus stylus and keyboard, then a total of 20,397 yuan, the price has far exceeded the MacBook products.

For the iPad Pro series equipped with the M4 chip, Apple's official average is also very high:

"The energy-efficient performance of the M4 chip with the new display engine achieves the iPad Pro's slim design and disruptive display effect; the comprehensive enhancements to the central processor, graphics processor, neural network engine, and memory system make the M4 the ideal chip to drive the latest AI applications. Combined, this new chip makes the iPad Pro an unrivalled device."

Once the new M4 made its debut, the older processors were naturally pushed to the back of the pack, and coming in behind the two iPad Pro devices was the iPad Pro 6 with the M2 chip, last year's old model, which had a score gap of around 50W between it and the M4-chipped product, which is really a proper generation gap.

After the M4 devices on the list, according to the usual practice, should be in the next year before the release of the new M5 chip, the position will not change again, after all, can beat Apple's only Apple itself.