May iOS device performance charts

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Apple held an event in May with three highlights, the new iPad Air, iPad Pro and the new M4 chip.

I thought that this conference opened early, the follow-up has been on sale, years of unchanged iOS will also usher in the update in May, but who knows that the background data is still too little to count into the total to calculate the average, so the iOS performance list in May, Apple released these new products are not, really, we actually look forward to M4 score results, after all, this is considered to be the strongest chip given by Apple.

After talking about the new, let's continue to review the old machine, because there is no new product to join, so this iOS performance list is still belong to the ‘internal mobilisation’, or the previous several products, only individual change the position.

First place: iPad Pro 6 (12.9-inch M2 chip)

Average score: 2079486

Second place: iPad Pro 4 (11-inch M2 chip)

Average Running Score: 1941492

Third place: iPad Pro 5 (12.9-inch M1 chip)

Average score: 1799715

As the iPad Pro6 equipped with the M2 chip, its performance is undoubtedly the strongest of the current iPad products, oh yes here to mention a sentence is the iPad Pro6 is the iPad Pro6 is we named in accordance with the order in which Apple released the iPad Pro, Apple's official is not such a call, so in line with the, equipped with the M4 chip of the natural is the iPad Pro7.

This time, the iPad Pro7 series is the most powerful place is directly skipped the M3, upgraded to the latest M4, a tablet product to add such a high-performance processor, which really makes peers envy and competitors in tears, or that is, the tablet computer is only the iPad and the other.

M1 chip before the turn of Apple's latest A17 Pro processor, after all, the positioning is different, so the score on the mobile phone side of the natural is not as aggressive as the M1 series, but from the score results, it is also almost almost catching up, we are fully justified in believing that the strength of Apple's chip, and may be this year's iPhone 16 series.

Last month there is a rumoured machine calls are very high, the new iPhone SE, after all, following the iPad series release is also a small egg, but ultimately the machine still did not appear, from the last generation of the iPhone SE products have been some years, this machine rumours of a lot of the community, the official has never been a message, will not end up and the iPhone mini series as the same was cut off? Will it finally be axed like the iPhone mini series?

Here is an excerpt from the iOS performance chart, if you are interested, you can search the official website of AnTuTu or click iOS Performance Chart