Tecno, a Chinese brand you're not familiar with, is growing fast in a unique way

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TECNO, a global smartphone brand, does not sell its products in the Chinese market, but is well known in that market and is considered by many Chinese users as the pride of "Made in China".

The brand has a diverse product line, including mobile phones, computers, smart home appliances, TWS headphones, smart watches and more. In 2023, its products were sold in more than 70 countries and regions worldwide, with sales increasing by 207% in the Caribbean and Latin America, 192% in Eastern Europe, and 148% in Southeast Asia.

Of course, more users are probably more familiar with their parent company, Transsion Holdings.

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC24) in Barcelona, Spain, we got to see many of Tecno's new products and technologies and learn the secrets to the success of this Chinese tech brand focused on the global market.

From large models to AI images, Tecno's technological power is impressive

What impressed us the most is that Tecno's technical power is probably much higher than most people think.

On February 27, 2024, Tecno announced their "Tecno AI" at MWC. Judging from the live demo, it includes almost all of the currently known features related to large models and generative AI on smartphones.

For example, it supports AI image generator. Users can use text to let AI draw (text to image), can redraw photos into cartoon style (image to image), and even draw a few simple sketches, and then let AI to "finish" it.

It also supports continuous AI conversations, real-time translation and subtitle generation of speech in social media as well as videos, and real-time translation for calls.

In addition, Tecno AI can summarize article content, support AR face and AR background in video conferences, support one-click Image Matting and erase passersby in photos. It even works on the phone's photo algorithm, supporting the use of generative AI to add more detail to portrait shots.

There is no doubt that Tecno AI has all the known AI features for smartphones. In addition, Tecno has many unique technological achievements.

For example, Tecno has its own unique imaging hardware and software technology, which include liquid variable lens, mass-produced electric telescopic lens, the industry's only RGBW rear main camera, as well as the industry's only multi-skin tone imaging system and intelligent skin tone recognition algorithms, which were jointly developed with the University of Leeds, among others.

Tecno's cooperation with the industry in terms of technology is no less than those familiar Chinese brands. At this launch event, Tecno announced its cooperation with Sony and used Sony's latest light metaphor sensor and adapted Sony's image processing chip (independent ISP).

In addition, Tecno has realized the industry's first 4K 30FPS Full-scene AI-NR HDR video capability through its close partnership with MediaTek.

A flagship experience at a low price, Tecno dares to think and act.

Many users may think that Tecno's products are like many Chinese brands' flagship products, simply piling up all kinds of features, but in fact their target market dictates that they can't do that; Tecno has to make trade-offs and make up for the shortcomings in their SoC specifications with some unique technologies.

For example, Tecno's latest release, the CAMON 30 series, comes in four models ranging from entry-level to high-end. The SoCs they come with range from 4G models like the MediaTek Helio G99 Ultimate to premium 5G models like the Dimensity 8200 Ultimate.

To ensure consistency in the basic imaging experience across all four models, Tecno has equipped the entire CAMON 30 series with a 50MP front camera and a 50MP optical stabilization rear main camera as standard. On the other hand, Tecno has built a separate "Pre-ISP" chip into this series of models for separate image AI calculations. As a result, even the lowest configured version can show amazing image quality.

Another example is the Tecno SPARK 20 series that comes standard with a MediaTek Helio G99, but with a curved AMOLED screen and 108MP primary CMOS.

Then there's the newly announced POVA6 Pro 5G. it comes with a very ordinary Dimensity 6080 main control, but Tecno has designed a very attractive rear case for it with a 100 megapixel main camera, and even a massive battery that is claimed to be the industry's number one in terms of high energy density, featuring a 6,000mAh, and also supports 70W fast charging.

Tecno wants something different from the mainstream as well as a true flagship.

One might think that bold ideas, daring products, and configurations that are different from the mainstream of the market might be the secret of Tecno's success.

That's not entirely true, Tecno doesn't just want to make products that are different from the mainstream of the market. In fact, they have some truly high-end flagship products as well.

For example, Tecno now has the flagship PHANTOM V FOLD, and the PHANTOM V FLIP.

Another example is the MEGABOOK T16 Pro, an Intel Core Ultra processor-based "AI PC" laptop with a built-in generative AI platform that achieves a CPU score of 650,000 and a 99.99WH battery with a 100W GaN power adapter and a 2.5K resolution screen.

In addition, Tecno also announced the Pocket Go, a "portable gaming console" that features an AMD Ryzen 7-8840HS processor, 16GB+1TB of storage, a replaceable battery tucked into a gamepad-sized body, and an accompanying AR lens to provide the visual experience of a 215-inch large screen. The official announcement also calls it "the world's smallest AR handheld".

It's important to mention that Tecno also announced their first bionic robot dog, the Dynamic 1, which also incorporates some of the most cutting-edge AI sensing and bionic structural design available.

All of the above suggests that while Tecno has achieved great results in the global market, they clearly want to go further both at the technology and supply chain level. This could be a key factor for Tecno to achieve more in the future.