AnTuTu V10 Open Beta officially released

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The new AnTuTu V10 Open Beta has been officially released and is now available on the AnTuTu website and major application stores.

Download link:

(3D Resource Kit Standard version, for devices with Android 10 and above and with more than 8G RAM)

(3D Resource Kit Lite version, for devices with Android versions up to 10, excluding Android 10)

The updates for the new V10 version are as follows:

1.CPU test:

a. Optimize support for multi-core parallel processing.

b. Reduces the dependence of some algorithms on OS APIs. The test results can more accurately reflect the physical performance of the CPU.

2. GPU test:

Based on the UE4 (Unreal) engine, AnTuTu has created two new 3D test scenes: the high stress test scene "Seasons" for flagship GPU and the moderate stress test scene "Coastline 2.0" for ordinary GPU. These two scenes not only have cooler graphics, but also more accurately test the extreme performance of the GPU.

The graphics and computing APIs used in both 3D test scenes are still Vulkan technology, taking into account high performance, low consumption, and cross-platform support.

3. Storage test:

a. Optimize ROM test to improve test efficiency.

b. RAM test results are divided into bandwidth and latency to clearly demonstrate LPDDR performance. The game process requires frequent reading and writing of memory. If the memory latency is high, the time spent waiting for the memory to respond in the game will increase, which will lead to a drop in game frame rate, screen lag, and a worse experience, so both speed and latency need to be tested.

4. UX test:

a. Add test on PDF document processing capability.

b. Add test on the processing capability of large pixel images above 2K. Ultra-HD video and billions of pixels have become commonplace on mid-range phones, so tests of large pixel image processing capabilities above 2K are essential.

c. Add the decoding test of H265 and encoding test of H264 to more comprehensively evaluate the video processing ability of the device. The new video material "Guilin Landscape" accurately reflects the short video editing ability of the device and allows you to enjoy the charm of China's great rivers and mountains.

The new Webview and UI Lag test scenario are closer to the real experience of browsing the web, and the results are more representative.

Please note: A device will generally score higher in the AnTuTu benchmark V10 than in V9. There are two reasons, one is that the test pressure of the new 3D scenes is higher, and the corresponding scores will be higher, the other is that there are more video compatibility and codec test items in the UX test, which will also lead to higher scores.

Here is just to explain to you the reason why the score of V10 is generally higher than that of V9. We would like to emphasize to users that V10 and V9 scores can NOT be compared with each other, AnTuTu scores can only be compared between the same versions.

You may encounter some problems when using AnTuTu Benchmark V10 Open Beta, please feel free to give us your feedback and we will try our best to solve them as soon as possible.