Global Top 10 Best Performing iOS Devices in July 2020

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It’s already August, not far from Apple'sfall event. Although Apple revealed in the latest conference call that therelease of this year's new iPhone will be delayed by a few weeks, but it stilldoes not affect the expectations of many Apple fans.

Today, based on the backstage statistics,Antutu releases our list of the global Top 10 best performing iOS devices forJuly 2020. Like last month, this time the iOS list is still calm and quiet, withlittle movements in the rankings.

It should be noted that the data are allcalculated based on the iOS version of Antutu Benchmark V8. The data collectionperiod is from July 1 to July 31. The scores shown are all average benchmarkscores, not the highest ones, which are more representative.

Global Top 10 Best Performing iOS Devices,July 2020

In July, the iPad Pro 4 (12.9-inch) poweredby the latest A12Z processor takes the first place again with an average scoreof 718,564. The second-ranking device is still the iPad Pro 4 (11-inch), adifferent size in the same line, with an average score of 707,976.

A12Z is Apple's latest mobile processor, whichadds a GPU core based on A12X, so it consists of an octa-core CPU and anocta-core GPU. Through the comparison of sub-scores, the A12Z's performance isslightly higher than the A12X. In fact, the two are not really pulling too farapart, and while there is suspicion of toothpaste squeezing, we must admit thatthe A12Z is the most powerful mobile SoC available.

The third and fourth ranking devices arethe iPad Pro 3 series, which have been dominating the list for a long time,with average scores of 699,202 and 659,744 respectively. Both devices areequipped with the A12X processor, with a score gap of nearly 40,000 points, dueto the fact that the iPad Pro 3 (12.9-inch) is equipped with 256GB of storage, whichenables a higher memory score than the iPad Pro. 3 (11-inch) which only has 64GBof storage. Meanwhile, the CPU and GPU scores of iPad Pro 3 (12.9-inch) alsorose slightly, thanks to the large size with enough space inside, providingbetter cooling.

The next three iOS devices following thetablets are the three models of iPhone 11 series. They are all equipped withthe A13 chip. The rankings are in order: iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, andiPhone 11, with the average benchmark scores respectively of 516,052, 513,100,and 487,924. In fact, the performance of the three models is basically the same,with the iPhone 11 model on the list being the 128GB version, and its memoryperformance is naturally lower than the two big brothers of iPhone 11 Pro max andiPhone 11 Pro which are equipped with 256GB storage.

In addition, a comparison of sub-scoresshows that the A13 and A12X have almost identical CPU performance, and the A13lags behind only in GPU performance, indicating that the performance gapbetween the two is not too great. According to Apple's release laws, next yearis expected to usher in a more powerful A13X.

At last, there are devices equipped withthe A12 chip. As per the ranking order, they are: iPad Air 3, iPad mini 5, and iPhoneSE2, with the average benchmark scores of 475,967,453,742,and 448,712

That’s all for the list of Top 10 bestperforming iOS devices in July. It is expected that these models willstill be on the list next month until Apple releases iPhone 12 series.