Why the scores of Antutu iOS version are not comparable to Android version?

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Recently, Antutu noticed that some users are comparing the scores of Antutu iOS version with the scores of Antutu Android version, which we think is unfair comparison.

First of all, since there are obvious differences in the kernel and the development language used by the iOS system and the Android system, the iOS version and the Android version of Antutu Benchmark are two different softwares and the test methods for the two versions are significantly different.

Second, Antutu iOS version and Antutu Android version use different APIs when running the GPU test. The iOS version uses Apple’s Metal API while the Android version uses OpenGL ES and vulkan API. Although the test scenarios used in the two versions are the same, the rendering mechanisms are different, neither does the stress requirement for the hardware.

All in all, the scoring mechanisms for the iOS version and the Android version of Antutu Benchmark are significantly different, and therefore the test results of the two versions are not directly comparable.

To put it simply, the test results of Antutu benchmark only support the comparison within the same system based on the same major version and not support cross-version or cross-platform comparison.