User's Choice of Opt-Out

Antutu Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "AnTuTu"), as the operator of the website ( and the associated mobile apps and the services provided through these websites and apps, is dedicated to provide a faster, safer and easier mobile experience for its global users.

We recognizes that user's data security or user's privacy is critically important and we comply with the related privacy laws, regulations of US, other jurisdictions and the self-regulatory principles of Digital Advertisement Alliance. We have implemented various, necessary, reasonable standard of industry measures to protect the safety and confidentiality of use's data regarding users' application usage and user's devices. These measures include but not limited to the following:

1. Encrypt data when communicating with our data server;

2. Assign reasonable permissions to different authorized person to access to our data center;

3. Require all people who may access the data, such as our employees, trust partners to sign a confidential agreement and monitor all these people to fulfill this obligation;

4. Anonymize, de-identify data when collaborating with third parties and make sure that it's impossible to map to an identifiable individual by using any of the data.

Even though we take user's privacy seriously, we understand that you may still prefer to opt-out from being used by us in online behavioral advertisement.

To opt-out, please use the form below. We will wipe out your data ASAP upon receiving your request.

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How do I find my device ID?

You can find one of several free apps on the Android Marketplace to look up your Android ID.
You can find one of several free apps on the Apple AppStore to look up your IDFA. To find one, search for the terms "device identifier" within the App Store and select one of the many apps that indicates display of the IDFA.