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   Every year, Antutu benchmark Team make great efforts on the major version update. V5.0 of 2014 and now, V6.0 of 2015 is ready for you. We are sure that this version will surprise you in many ways. New logo, New UI, and most important, new features on the testing items. All these changes are based on the new trend of mobile industry and new technologies in 2015. Before the final version, we would like to introduce these new features on our latest Version Antutu benchmark V6.0 beta 2.

New Logo:


  The logo of Antutu changes from the lovely rabbit to a cool rabbit. And New UI is designed to be easy to use, better to understand.

  New UI design :



  What need to be mentioned , besides the clear interface, in Antutu Benchmark V6.0, a QR code is added in this version. This QR code is to avoid the “PS”score. In previous version, some people use PS score to attract eyeballs. But by scan this code, we can get the actual score of the device.


  Now, the most important update on Antutu V6.0 is the testing item part. Let’s talk about this one by one.

  1. New designed 3D Testing Scene.

     Two new designed 3D testing scenes in Antutu V6.0. On-Screen Garden scene is to test game performance and Off-Screen Marooned scene is deisigned to test device limiting performance. New 3D scenes are made based on Unity3D 5.0 game engine, which is usually used in most IOS and Android games. Antutu believe that these will truly reflect the performance of device game performance.


  2. Add new UX testing items and increase UX testing proportion

  New UX testing item in Antutu benchmark V6.0: data security, data processing, strategy game, image processing, I/O performance and etc. All these new items are commonly used in daily life and directly affect the user experience. Antutu team believe this adjustment will avoid the case of “ high score but low ability”.

  3. New CPU Testing Added

  The employment of multi-core CPU caused the incompetent of actual using experience and hardware limiting performance. In view of this situation, Antutu V6.0 adjusts CPU testing items and adds several new one, based on practical use with more pratical meaning. Antutu found that in most cases, only one core is doing work and many applications are poorly supported by multip-core.We increase the proportion of single core test significantly. All these will make the testing results be more realistic.

  4. New Score Proportion in Antutu V6.0.

    The proportion of CPU+RAM : UX : 3D design to be 1:1:1. The proportion of 3D and UX items have been increased. Proportion of CPU and RAM have been decreased.


  Antutu benchmark V6 could support Android and iOS,also supportWindows Mobile 10,Windows,Mac OS XP platform. Using the same testing standard, you could prepare the performance score cross all these platform.


  Now, you have got most of our update features. Why not try this beta version yourself and find more surprise?

  Download Antutu Benchmark V6.0 Beta5 by the following link:

  Android :

  IOS( need jailbreak your phone)

  If you have any questions on this beta version, please feel free to let us know by emailing






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