• HTC vs Samsung: Why HTC is losing the fight big time

    Up until recently, HTC meant much more than it means now in the Android universe. It was a big factor. HTC's smartphones stood for quality, reliability and experience that are unmatched by any other Androi...

    2012-08-10 20:04:44
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 review

    The Samsung Galaxy S2 - or Samsung Galaxy S II, as it's also known - is the phone the Korean firm deems the successor to its best smartphone so far. And with a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, super-slim chassi...

    2012-08-10 17:49:05
  • Sony Xperia Tablet press photos leak, looks slick

    An IFA 2012 launch date for the Sony Xperia Tablet seems pretty much assured as new press shots have emerged.

    2012-08-10 17:42:54
  • One More Thing: Dark days ahead for the Samsung Galaxy S3

    Paint it black – If Samsung didn't have enough problems telling courts that its smartphones are NOTHING like Apple's, the company is all set to release its flagship S3 in black – that is if the Samsung...

    2012-08-10 17:37:56
  • Apple Shows Court TouchWiz’s Wannabe iOS Icons

    Okay, throughout this entire legal quarrel between Apple and Samsung, I’ve done my best to remain impartial. But after Apple’s latest evidence presented to the court, I’m sure even the biggest die...

    2012-08-08 00:26:10
  • Droid Incredible 4G LTE Review

    It's hard to underestimate the value of brand loyalty. Just ask Verizon Wireless. It's with satisfied Incredible and Incredible 2 owners in mind that the carrier is promoting the Droid Incredible 4G LTE...

    2012-08-08 00:09:05
  • Samsung: Galaxy Note 10.1 available globally this month

    The Galaxy Note 10.1 will finally arrive on store shelves internationally this month, Samsung has announced. The stylus-toting tablet has received hardware and software upgrades since we first saw it at...

    2012-08-07 23:27:10
  • HTC reports sales dropped 45% in July from last year

    July was not a good month for Taiwan based handset manufacturer HTC. Despite the good word of mouth from users of the flagship HTC One X, the freight train called the Samsung Galaxy S III took sales right...

    2012-08-07 21:39:22
  • ARM's eight-core Mali GPUs promise 'dramatic' boost to mobil

    The current flagship for ARM's mobile graphics technology is undoubtedly the Galaxy S III, which contains a quad-core Mali 400 GPU and delivers some wild benchmark scores.

    2012-08-07 18:24:47
  • Samsung growing to top smartphone brand in Europe in Q2 2012

    We’ve already seen the quarterly sales data of Android and iOS - major researchers like Strategy Analytics, IDC and Canalys all agreed that Google’s platform is winning globally, but now we have anothe...

    2012-08-07 17:56:05
  • HTC working on their own 5-inch phone?

    New rumors suggest HTC could be the next major smartphone manufacturer to cross the 5-inch screen threshold, possibly adding a bit of competition for the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

    2012-08-07 17:44:46
  • Nexus 7 reportedly a boon for Nvidia

    There's a lot of excitement for the Nexus 7, but no one is more excited about the new tablet as Nvidia, which is reportedly seeing significant profits from the device.

    2012-08-07 17:34:13
  • Silver Sony Xperia SL caught in leaked photos

    The Sony Xperia SL is rumored to be a re-vamped version of the company's earlier 2012 flagship, the Xperia S. It's very similar to its predecessor, with a more-or-less identical chassis design, but its...

    2012-08-07 01:52:17
  • How to use Motion gestures on the Galaxy S3

    When you first turn on your Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) you may not immediately be aware of all the Motion capabilities as most of them are turned off by default. Once you begin to explore the Settings and...

    2012-08-06 23:57:34
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

    Given the track record of the Samsung Galaxy S series, it is no wonder the latest edition to the line has been the talk of the Android town. With a recent international release and a US launch right around...

    2012-08-06 23:02:18
  • Xiaomi Phone 2 may debut on August 16th, packaging will with

    Amid rumors that Chinese startup Xiaomi will soon be bringing out its next-gen Android smartphone, various spy shots have been circulating around the web.

    2012-08-06 22:10:05
  • Nokia 808 PureView vs Samsung Galaxy S III

    The Nokia 808 PureView has the smartphone camera we've all been waiting for, and the Samsung Galaxy S III is probably the most hyped and popular Android phone this year.

    2012-08-06 19:24:44
  • Editorial: Could there soon be a new fork in the Android roa

    Android. The word itself makes each of us think of futuristic mechanical things that evolve quickly and know no bounds in their abilities. It's a good word, and perfect to describe the devices we hold...

    2012-08-06 18:14:58
  • Apple's Schiller: "I was shocked at the appearance of the Ga

    With week one of the Apple v. Samsung patent trial in the books, the big story of the first few days of proceedings is Judge Lucy Koh's low tolerance for shenanigans. The judge ended the first week by...

    2012-08-06 18:03:13
  • Benchmark scores confirms Tegra 3 for T-Mobile’s HTC One X+

    The puzzle pieces are coming together to reveal more information about T-Mobile’s upcoming HTC One X+. The latest info comes by way of the devices NenaMark benchmark scores, where it is confirmed that...

    2012-08-06 17:52:20