Chip Performance on Antutu V6.0

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  Antutu V6.0 has been updated on Google Play and other application stores. Download link:

  Like What we said in the report on V6.0, there are many new testing items and new standards in V6.0. The Antutu testing score will be different compared with V5.x. To let users be more familiar the new score system of V6.0, shall we check the main device chip performance on Antutu V6.0 together?

  This ranking is based on our data of Antutu Benchmark V6.0 so far and the scores are take the average score of each chip product

  Apple—take the best performance of this ranking. After Apple, Kirin 950 gets the best seat here, with the score of 92746.

  Let’s expect more data and more ranking report based on Antutu Benchmark V6.0. Follow us on facebook( and twitter ( for more news and reports!