AnTuTu report: Most popular Android Smartphones 2014

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After AnTuTu released the best performance Android smartphones 2014 this week, the rankings of most popular smartphones come out today. Let’s check the trend of smartphones in 2014. Beside the global ranking, we also pick some hot countries and list their users favorite ones. 
 1. Global ranking 
Due to large amount of Xiaomi users in China,  Xiaomi 4 gets No.1 in the global ranking. However we could notice that Samsung , in fact , is the biggest winner, with 4 devices in top 10.  Meizu and One plus represented the rise of Chinese manufacturers in 2014. 
2. TOP 10 popular smartphones 2013 vs 2014
6 new devices appear at top 10 ranking in 2014. Samsung Galaxy S4 still stays at 2014 top 10 list which also represents its high market share. 
3. Mainland China
As we have noticed, Xiaomi still dominated the Chinese Android cellphoone market, with the highest percentage and three models in the top 10. Samsung also has strong competitiveness in China 2014. Meizu MX4,although released a little bit late in 2014, but performed very well. Local brands is more and more popular in China market now. 
4. HK
Samsung , LG and Xiaomi devices are the popular ones among the HK users. 
5. Taiwan
ASUS and HTC , two local brands are the most popular choices in Taiwan market. 
6. US
We are happy to see that Oneplus ranked top 3 in US market. US could be the most competitive market in the world. As a black horse, it did really well in US market. Samsung and Google, of course, never let you down. 
7. Russia 
Google Nexus 5 is still the champion of the ranking. It is a little surprise to see ASUS,One plus and HTC did very well in Russia market. 
Korea people love their local brands. Samsung, LG and Pantech share the Korea market. 
10. India
12. Indonesia
13. Vietnam
Although there are big differences among different countries, we still notice that Oneplus, not Xiaomi, is more and more popular in Global market. Google Nuxus 5 is still the most stable one among the favorite devices. 
Let’s expecting a more competitive and interesting cellphone market of 2015.