2014“Knockoff cellphones“Report from AnTuTu

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“Knockoff cellphones“,a unique word and industry with Chinese feature, means the cheap cellphones with MTK chips, simulating devices of big mobile manufacturers and get high profit. 2014 is a fruitful year for big manufacturers and also these knockoff producers got more benefits from this trend.

AnTuTu Officer is designed to indentify this kind of fake-brand cellphones for users.In 2014, AnTuTu Officer tested more than 20 million devices and get over 16 million valid data (exclude repeat and unknown devices). The Knockoff cellphones (Android)  got 8.1% of the total tesing device. The amount of knockoff increased 730% compared with 2013. 


We could also notice , “Xiaomi”is their favorite copy brand. Samsung,due to its high quality and price, has been simulated by these producers in many models.  

The resolutions are various. To keep their high profits,these producers would not investtoo much on the resulution performance.

Most of these knockoff cellphones could not get high AnTuTu scores. These devices never pay much attention on the optimizing the user expereice and performance, which does make sense. 

Compare with the copy amount ranking, only Xiaomi M3 and Samsung GalaxyS4 stayed on the list. New devices poped out in 2014 and the “copy list” varied accroding the marketing. 
AnTuTu here to remind the customers : Be careful when your are picking new cellphones. Using AnTuTu Officer to indentify the knockoff cellphones is one necessary step to protect yourself from fake devices.