Top 10 Best Performing iOS Devices, December 2020: iPhone 12 Pro Max Beats iPad

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As time flies, it is the fifth day of 2021. Today, we will present you the iOS Device Performance Ranking List for the last month of 2020. Let’s take a look at what iOS products can stand out in the last month of 2020.

Antutu, according to the statisticdata at our backstage, released the iOS Device Performance RankingList in December 2020, which is almost still in a stable state because of no release of new iOS products, except for little change.

It should be noted that figures in this ranking list were calculated based on the iOS version of Antutu V8 and collected for a period from December 1 to December 31, 2020. The results in the ranking list are average scores instead of the highest scores, and thus more representative.

Top 10 Best Performing iOS Devices, December 2020:  iPhone 12 Pro Max Beats iPad

No. 1: iPad Pro 4 (12.9-inch)

Average score: 719,226

After being pushed back to the second place last month, the ever-victorious winner iPad Pro 4 (12.9-inch) regained its place at the top of the List. Its score in this month is 719,226, slightly higher than the 718,446 of last month. iOS products are mainly experience-oriented, and scores count little, especially on products with almost the same size and configuration.

No. 2: iPad Pro 4 (11-inch)

Average score: 712,663

iPad Pro 4 (11-inch) ranking No. 3 in both October and November finally took the second place this month. In terms of configuration, it and Pro 4 (12.9 inch) ranking No. 1 are carrying A12Z processors, with broadly similar configuration and their only difference embodied in their screen size. In terms of scores, the score of each item happens to be slightly lower than that of iPad Pro 4 (12.9-inch) ranking No. 1, so it is just behind iPad Pro 4 (12.9-inch) this time, but in actual use, ordinary users can not feel the difference between them and may buy them according to their requirements for screen size.

No.3: iPad Pro 43 (12.9-inch)

Average score: 704,763

Different from the products ranking No. 1 and No. 2, its biggest difference is in the processor. The former two use Apple A12Z processor while iPad Pro 3 (12.9-inch) uses A12X, which are exactly the same chips. The location of each function block on the A12Z and their sizes are exactly the same as that on A12X and A12Z only enables the eighth GPU core that A12X has not enabled. In other words, A12Z is Apple’s toothpaste-squeezing product with no significant difference. For iPad Pro products, there are very few APPs out there that make them feel like a pain right now.

The following 7 products are: iPad Pro 3 (11-inch) with an average score of 692,436, iPhone 12 Pro Max with an average score of 638,439, iPad Air 4 with an average score of 648,419, iPhone 12 mini with an average score of 621,841, iPhone 12 Prox with an average score of 613,437, iPhone 12 with an average score of 612,545 and iPhone 11 Pro Max with an average score of 532,646. 

On the whole, top ten products are actually the same as that in November, expect that iPhone 12 Pro Max, which ranked No. 6 last time, came to the fifth place this time. While iPad Air 4, which ranked No. 5 last time, took the sixth place this time. But in terms of score, iPad Air 4 is only 20 points behind iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Specifically, the CPU, 3D and UX scores of iPad Air 4 thoroughly defeated that of iPhone 12 Pro Max, but iPhone 12 Pro Max won in its memory score, which bridged the gap. After all, iPhone 12 Pro Max comes in 6+256GB version.

Not much else has changed. The average scores of all four 2020 iPhone models have exceeded 600,000 this time. The only device on the Ranking List with its score beginning with the number of 5 is the flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max from the year before, which reserves the last glory for veteran models.

As predicted in our Ranking List in November, it’s no surprise that the same 10 devices made the List in December, and that’s likely to continue until Apple releases new products in March 2021. Just wait.