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  As a third part hardware benchmark tool, AnTuTu has got a worldwide accreditation of users. Millions of people choose AnTuTu Benchmark to test the performance level of their devices.Here, we do deep appreciation to the users for your trusts. However nowadays,there are some smartphone makers who do system optimization especially aiming at AnTuTu Benchmark to improve the test scores. A legal system optimization operation on devices is what we encourage, but the action of tricking customers by cheating is what we are firmly against.
    We know every phone-maker hopes to adopt a Benchmark which is good for him, even to develop a Benchmark by themselves. But, AnTuTu Benchmark is not the advertising media of phone makers, we only do service for the users. Therefore, in order to give users a more current and real performance feedback, AnTuTu Labs will release a new X-version named AnTuTu X Benchmark.
      There are no more difference between AnTuTu X Benchmark and original Benchmark in UI and function but some camouflage tricks we adopted to prevent AnTuTu from being recognized by devices . In order to show the real performance of devices, some anti-AnTuTu devices can also operating AnTuTu Benchmark well.

The so far known cheating methods 

NO.1   To cheat on factory setting

   This kind of cheating method always turns out on high imitation and fake devices. To trick on customers, they alter the client side of AnTuTu Benchmark APP to get a fake hardware specs list and test scores. And there is a common problem with those devices that you can not uninstall the built-in AnTuTu or install official AnTuTu software.

This is the common use of fake-phone makers.

NO.2To cheat with a temporary high performance aiming at AnTuTu


  Those devices have added a recognition to AnTuTu Benchmark in their system. For instance, the highest CPU frequency in normal condition is 480MHz, while after recognized the operation of AnTuTu Benchmark, the CPU frequency will self-improve to above 500MHz. By adjusting voltage, a short-time over-clock won’t cause the calorification and instability of devices, but can somehow boost the final result. As a consequence, the result customers saw is differ with the real fluency feel in daily use.
        In test process, we will call the upper limit performance of system. A full load operation do fully express the performance of devices, but by using a non-normal over-clock method to ger a high score is useless.

N0.3 To cheat with unreal frames after recognition of AnTuTu Benchmark

  After recognition of AnTuTu Benchmark and other Benchmark, some chips will self omit test frames, while the system shows correctly. For example, when operating 3DRating test, the frames number which the system has received is 10, while the real frames showed is only 5 per minutes,in this case, test scores will have huge improvement.


NO.4 To cheat on benchmarking resolution

          AnTuTu Benchmark run images based on the real resolution of devices. The higher resolution is with same setting,the lower the score is because of high resolution may give more load to system. In real operation, the operation speed will lower than low resolution. 

         We AnTuTu feel sorry about these behaviors and we need to alert all users to these behaviors of Fake-phone makers adopted on devices. AnTuTu has established our own Labs and use a specific test method to get real scores. And then, the real result will be released on AnTuTu official website to make users easily to identity. Any problem you come across, please feel free to contact us. Here is where you can get us.







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