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Recently, AnTuTu Labs and its AnTuTu Benchmark were accused not open and impartial by media. In view of those obviously misunderstanding and misleading news, AnTuTu Labs makes a statement here solemnly.

We are glad to see more and more institutions and companies joining the market of smart phone benchmarking.  There will be more useful references provided when consumers select smart phones. Actually, smart phones benchmarking is not such a new market segments, because there already have institutions and companies working on this market segments in PC era.   Smart phone benchmark aims at testing on different hardware components of a phone or the overall performance of devices which consist of different hardwares. In additional, it provides a platform for manufacturers showing off their own products, and references while purchasing smart phones and querying hardware performance for users.

We do hope that more and more people could join the benchmarking work to benefit the smart phone users. But we DO NOT want to see that some companies and teams cast a slur on competitor through malicious competition, slander, dissemination false information and so on at the beginning of entering this market segment. Lately, AnTuTu Labs was deeply effected by this kind of unjust competition means and suffered huge lost in product and reputation.

The iteration of AnTuTu benchmark begins with benchmarking on hardware basing on industrial standard. And now, users experience and hardware performance are both very important benchmarking contents in our matrix.  From beginning to now, the iteration of AnTuTu Benchmark always have close relationship with whole production process of smart phones. Our co-partners include chip-maker, manufacturer, solution provider, media, opinion leader, master of technology and so on. We add test contents to full benchmarking matrix after deep discussion with those partners and verifying its feasibility.

Meanwhile, considering about the upgrades of smart phone hardware, such as the single core device in forepart, the 8-core device now, and more and more attention to GPU performance, every time we do change and upgrade on each version keep common progress with the trends of smart phone. Unlike some apps only do simple test with industrial standard on single benchmarking matrix which only a  small part of the existing and public benchmarking model, AnTuTu  Benchmark will  never do simple benchmarking on ceaselessly forward  hardware.

Maybe because of no extensive contact with those enterprises in pioneering stage, now we are suspected as doing research only by ourselves without connection with outside,by view of unfriendly competitors. Still the acceptance of  a  benchmarking app depends on  the number of users, a Google Play data  shows that  there are nearly 10 millions of users of AnTuTu  Benchmark, which is a  strong  counterpunch  to these unfriendly competitors  who  disseminate  false messages.  In additional, there is a need to explain, the reason why we do no contact with enterprises in the beginning is to avoid unnecessary effect when building our benchmarking matrix which may produce some unwanted preference.

AnTuTu Labs involves in the research and development of an impartial and open smart phone benchmarking, despite any unjust means from competitors. We provide a complete benchmark report for manufacturers and media, and a most truthful hardware performance benchmarking of smart phones for the users. We do believe that our AnTuTu Benchmark will certainly be a widely accepted benchmarking and the top of reference when people buy smart phones.

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