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Sony Xperia SP, which would release in this month in U.K. would adopt Qualcomm MSM8960T CPU. We already know 8960 before, but how about this new 8960T? Qualcomm MSM8960T adopts 28nm Krait architecture, and its frequency is as high as 1.7GHz. It integrated a better Adreno320 GPU. Compared to MSM8960, which integrated Adreno225, Qualcomm MSM8960T has improved a lot in 3D gaming performance.


We compared the benchmarks of Xperia SP and Xperia Z, and we also added Google Nexus 4 in.



8960 and 8960T are dual-core CPUs, however, the CPU Google Nexus 4 adopts, Qualcomm 8064, is a quad-core CPU. It seems this comparison is unfair. Though 8960T is a dual-core CPU, its benchmark is much higher than 8960, even equal with quad-core CPU 8064.


Xiaomi MI 2A, which is about to launch, has also adopt Qualcomm MSM8960T, 1.7GHz CPU. We believe all the manufacturers who have ever use 8960, would take 8960T into consideration for their new devices. Because Qualcomm MSM8960T’s performance is surprisingly good. We hold that it is as good as the A15 chip Google Nexus 10 adopted, but it price would much lower than Snapdragon 600, let alone Galaxy S IV.


Xperia SP Hardware Information

CPU: MSM8960T Dual-Core  1.7GHz
Memory: 1GB RAM+8GB ROM
Resolution: 1280x720 IPS
Size: 4.6
Camera: 8MP
OS: Android 4.1


Xiaomi MI 2A Hardware Information

CPU: MSM8960T Dual-Core  1.7GHz
Memory: 1GB RAM+16GB ROM
Resolution: 1280x720 IPS
Size: 4.5
Camera: 8MP






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