Top 20 Best Performance Android Phones/Tablets in the First Half of 2012

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AnTuTu Benchmark has over 2,000,000 downloads at Google Play since its first release in 2011. 

We will select the best Android devices for you from now on through AnTuTu.


What we published this time are Top 20 Best Performance Android Phones/Tablets. Since AnTuTu 

Benchmark is the best performance testing application, we have the most comprehensive database. 

By analysis of all devices and the average score of each device from January to June of 2012 in 

our database, we got the 20 phones/tablets with best performance.


January 2012    Top 20 Best Performance Android Phones/Tablets (Average Value)




1. ASUS Transformer Prime 
2. HTC One X              
3. Acer Iconia Tab A700   
4. Samsung Galaxy S2      
5. LG Optimus LTE         
6. Samsung Galaxy Note    
7. HTC Sensation XE       
8. Motorola Xoom            
9. LG Optimus 2X            
10. HTC One S                
11. Samsung Galaxy Nexus     
12. HTC Raider 4G            
13. HTC Evo 3D               
14. Sony Xperia Ion          
15. Xiaomi M1                
16. Toshiba Folio100         
17. Acer Iconia Tab A500    
18. Sony Xperia S            
19. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N 
20. ASUS Eee Pad




By the end of 2011 when quad core phones/tablets released, they occupied the top three slots by
their strong advantages.         
As the name implies, quad core phone/tablet has four core processors. Core processor is the heart
of the mobile phone. Every core processor of quad core phone/tablet has a clear division of work,
such as software applications, phone running and game running. Thus the phone/tablet can run
more frequently. With fast response rate, users can experience much better, especially it meets the
needs of more 3D games.



June 2012    Top 20 Best Performance Android Phones/Tablets (Average Value)




1. Samsung Galaxy S3       
2. ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 
3. HTC One X               
4. ASUS Transformer Prime  
5. Meizu MX (Quad-Core)    
6. LG Optimus 4X           
7. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
8. Acer Iconia Tab         
9. Huawei Ascend D1        
10. Lenovo IdeaTab A2109A   
11. TOSHIBA Regza           
12. Huawei MediaPad         
13. Samsung Galaxy S2       
14. Samsung Galaxy Note     
15. LG Optimus 2X           
16. HTC One S               
17. Huawei Ascend P1        
18. HTC Sensation XE        
19. HTC Raider 4G           
20. HTC One XL


As we can see above, the top ten are all quad core Android devices. And the world’s hottest mobile
phone Samsung Galaxy S3 won the Top 1 Best Performance Android Phones/Tablets as well. For
their excellent performance and better cost performance, most quad core Android devices won the
best performance and the hottest phones/tablets at the same time. From the data above, we can
see that Samsung, Asus, HTC and Huawei showed increasingly strong strength in best performance 
phones/tablets. Thus the competition of high-performance Android device becomes more intense.
Through the analysis of the top 20 devices, we can also see that in quad core devices, Samsung
Galaxy S3 and Meizu MX (Quad-Core) carrying Samsung Exynow 4412 CPU ranking first and fifth in
performance. Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU won second in performance.
Note: The data above are provided by AnTuTu. AnTuTu Index can help you know the percentage of 
every brand listed. For more detailed data, please contact AnTuTu.





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