Antutu Report :Most Popular Smart phones (Android) Q1,2016

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  The first quarter of 2016 has passed. Now, it is time to review what’s going on in global smart phones market last quarter with Antutu. Samsung delivered a really nice performance in global market . Chinese phone makers are making great effort in overseas marketing.,especially in India.

  Data :From 2015.10.1~2015.12.31

  Resource :Antutu Benchmark 6.x version

  Note: all the data are submitted by Antutu users and analyzed by Antutu Lab. We could get from these data that which smartphones in these contries are used Antutu benchmark mostly for testing their device. Through this trend, we could get the idea that what are the popular smartphones in these countries.

  Global Ranking:

  In 2016 Q1 global ranking , Samsung Galaxy are the high-profile series. Apart from Samsung, most of other listed devices are around 1000rmb.

  Mainland China

  Mainland China market is occupied by Xiaomi ,Meizu. But Huawei Mate 8 and LE 1S also catch our eyes for their cost performance.




  Still Samsung and LG.


  Samsung and Google could never be defeated by other brands in US. Only Oneplus One could get into the top 10 as a Chinese maker.


  It is surprised to see Redmi Note 2 and Mote 3 could get into Top 10 in Russia, although they did not officially sale in Russia. What we believe it is might due to smuggled smartphones there. Meizu and Asus have models listed in top 10. Germany


  Inidian market is the hottest battle place for Chinese phone makers. Apart from local brands, which may not have much concept of running testing for performance,the Chinese brands are developing their market share in India.