Antutu Report:TOP 10 Performance Smartphones, Q1 2016

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  In 2015 Antutu Best performance Smartphone Ranking, iPhone was included in the ranking as a cross-platform ranking for the first time. iPhone 6S(Plus), newly released at that time, was in absolute advantage. With the coming of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 devices, big changes in 2016 Q1 Antutu performance ranking. Some of the Android flagship’s performance is better than iPhone. Here is the ranking detail.

  Statistics Rules

  1. Statistical source version :Antutu Benchmark V6.0

  2. Statistics Method: take the the average score of one device model, one chip model

  3. At least 500 data sample for one device’s score

  4. Statistic time: 1st, Jan ,2016 to 31st, March, 2016



  In 2016 Q1 performance ranking, Xiaomi 5 claimed the top position, with the Antutu score of 136875. Galaxy S7/Edge followed closely with 134599. iPhone 6S(Plus) only took the third place. Meizu was followed after Huawei Mate 8,ranked top 5.

  Compared with the top 10 of last year, 2015 Q1: Samsung Galaxy S6-76912; 2015 Q2, Samsung Galaxy S6-76912; 2015 Q3,Meizu Pro 5 -86322; 2015 Q4,Huawei Mate8 -91157. We are glad to see the repid growth of Chinese brand. Please surprise us in the rest of 2016.

  Q&A :

  Resolution for performance

  Resolution will play some rule for the performance, in the same chip and RAM. Under the same chips of snapdragon 820, the hardware requirment of 2K resolution is higher than that of 1080p. So that is why the score of 2k resolution device is lower than that of 1080p device.

  We could see that Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge adoped 2K resolution and Xiaomi 5 with 1080p.Also, in the same processor and RAM, Meizu Pro5, 1080P resolution got 3000 higher score compared with 2K resolution Galaxy Note5.

  Ranking rules:

  1. Data collection time: 1st, Jan ,2016 to 31st, March, 2016. Some devices, like LG G5 and HTC M10 offical release in April. So you could not see these devices in the ranking.

  2. Althogh the Le Max Pro has go public,but only for 1000 engineering machines.That’s why it did not appear in the ranking.

  3. Some media may claim that Vivo Xplay5 could get more than 1600000 of Antutu score but according our data, the highest score is 136794, and the average is 130298, with only 18 data item, which could not be counted.

  Huawei Mate 8 vs Xiaomi 5

  Huawei has a its great brand value and develops rapidly. Consider other benchmark softwares, Kirin950 has its advantage in multi-core performance, for sure. But not as good as snapdragon 820 in single-core performance, GPU and overall performance.