Why do you need to download and install the Antutu 3DBench a

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  1.As the 3d part in Antutu benchmark Apk is developed based on Unity 3D engine, which could not support 64-bit CPU testing and UX testing. To get a complete and accurate score of your device 3D performance,

  you need to download and install this Antutu 3D Bench apk to finish the 64-bit Cpu testing and UX testing.

  2.To reduce the size of Antutu benchmark. The 3D testing part is very large and rarely updated. Users have to download large file to update every time, which are the waste of network traffic and resource.To avoid this waste, we separate into 2 apks.

  3.If User want to know the 3D performance of their devices, just need to download and run Antutu 3DBench.