Antutu Report: Top popular smartphones in 2015, Q3

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  “Global Mobile Phone Vendor Shipments” is one of the most hot topic these days.In Antutu’s opinion, which one is the largest may be not the most important for users. Which one has the best performance and user experience are the big deals. So,we could talk about which is the most popular smartphones in Q3 and see who is the star performer.

  Data :From 2015.7~2015.9

  Resource :Antutu Benchmark

  Let’s start from global ranking. In Q3 TOP10 popular list, three models of Xiaomi and Samsung are listed. You may be surprised to see that Asus got NO.2. According our data, Asus had a outstanding performance in many areas.

  Two popular smartphones in mainland China could be Xiaomi and Meizu. Xiaomi Family on the ranking: Redmi Note2, Xiaomi 4 and Xiaomi Note. Meizu Famnily on the list: Meizu MX5、M2 Note 2、Meizu MX4. Also, we could see that Letv 1 and Letv pro is outstanding of this ranking. We think it is related with the Letv Shopping Festival on 19th,Sep.

  HK Market:

  Taiwan Market:

  Not as usual, instead of HTC, Zenfone got NO.1 in Q3 Taiwan repoort. 。Zenfone2 got the No.1 in Q3. But HTC are still top popular brand in Taiwan.

  Korea market:

  Korea market: as usual, ALL Korea brands.

  US market:

  Galaxy Note series is the biggest winner in US.

  Russia market:

  Germany market

  India market:

  Indian users like to choose some Chinese brands, which are high cost-effective.

  Malaysia market:

  Zenfone 2 is the shinning star in Malaysia market.

  We could see from the rankings that Samsung is still one of the most popular brand for users. Zenfone 2 is kind of black horse in Q3. But , due to no big changes on update of Oneplus, it really did not bring us a good ranking in Q3. Will ranking have big changes on Antutu yearly report ? Let’s wait together.