Most popular Android Smartphones, 1H 2015

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         It is the time again that we could check what was going on in the past half year in the smartphone market. Which device is your favorite and is it in this top list? Let’s check it one by one.


  Data source:Antutu benchmark, from 1st , Jan to 1st July.


  Global Top 10:


  Let’s also start with the global ranking as usual. In fact no matter in global ranking or some of hot topic countries, Samsung with its flagships would be the biggest winner. Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 and Xiaomi 4 ranked top 5. With the high cost performance, Asus Zenfone 5 get the 6th. Due to the successful marketing of Indian market, Oneplus and Redmi note also performed well in this global market.


  Mainland China Top 10:


  We will see mainland ranking first of all. Three brands lead the top 10, Xiaomi,Meizu and Huawei Honor. It is a little surprise to see Lenovo got a seat in the top 10.


  HK Top 10:


  Hk is complete different situation with mainland China. Hk users have some specific favor of Korea devices. 7 of top 10 are Korea devices. Two of these 7 are LG and others are all Samsung. LG got the first chair among these those competitors.However, only Redmi and Oneplus -brands from mainland China got in the HK top 10.


  Taiwan Top 10 :


  Taiwan top 10 is always related with its local brands. We can see that from the coverage of HTC and Asus.


  Korea Top 10:


  Local brands’ power could be presented best in Korea top 10. Samsung is the pride of Korea.


  America Top 10:


  American users’ choice are kind of diversity. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 covered more than 10 percent of the total. Oneplus was still a hot topic in the past 6 months. Nexus6\Nexus5 never lost their battle in their homeland.


  Russia Top 10:


  “Galaxy” is also very popular in Russia,which cover 6 of 10. Asus Zenfone5 ranked the 6th and Oneplus got 8th.


  Germany Top 10:



  India Top 10:


  Finally , let’s see the top list of Indian market. Pursuit of the highest cost-effective device is the standard of pick a smartphone in India. That’s why Xiaomi and Oneplus did very well in India. Local brand Yu Yureka(A05510) got the second seat. Korean devices did not become their dream picking, unlike in other Asian countries.