AnTuTu report: Most popular Android Smartphones Q1 2015

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  We talk about what’s the most popular smartphones every quarter and every year. Antutu shares its data and the analysis reports with users all around the world. Through these reports, users will have a deeper understanding of the popular model in different countries and Antutu wish these could help users when they pick their next cellphone. Let’s check the popular ranking of last quarter.This time, we add the ranking of Malaysia,India and Vietnam for your reference.

  Data source:Antutu benchmark, from 1st , Jan to 31th March.


  Firstly, let’s see the global ranking. Samsung note 4 is the No.1 and it should be, with much advantages of Samsung technology. Galaxy 5 is No.2 in this global ranking. Samsung is still favorite choice of end users. Xiaomi also did great job last quarter with 2 models in this ranking. Oneplus is still a competitive model in the global stage.


  Mainland China market : Redmi Note and Xiaomi 4 took the first two. MEIZU and Xiao mi should be the strongest competitors in this market.

  Let’s check the popular devices in some other areas and countries.



















  We could see from all these report, OEMs like Samsung and LG are outstanding in the global market.Oneplus, Xiaomi and HTC also had good performance in some countries. The competition is more and more fierce in this market, with great diversity in different countries.