TOP 10 Popular Android Smartphones in Q3,2014

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Antutu releases the report of the most popular smartphones ranking of the third quarter, 2014.The report is based on Antutu data coming from over 160 countries. It is a bit late but it still could provide some reference for users when picking device.Let’s check out the Top 10 popular devices from July to September,country by country.
1. Mainland China 
In the third quarter Antutu ranking, XiaoMi is still the winner for its large amount of users in China. We could also see OnePlus One, as a strong competitor, appeared as a black horse in short time after it released. Huawei honor series is vital force in China Android phone marketing.  
2. Hong kong
Big change in HK market. 
The ranking of Samsung devices has dropped a little of the list. Redmi became the most popular one, with LG and Samsung coming after.  
With no doubt,HTC is always the one of the most popular of Taiwan market. Redmi ranked No.2 ,came after HTC M8X.
4. US Market  
According data from Antutu, ranking of US market is relatively stable. Samsung got top two and Nexus ranked behind. There are also newcomer in the ranking-- One Plus One--one of the hottest devices in the third quarter. Samsung got three from different operators.
Samsung, LG, Google , Sony and HTC are all listed in this Antutu ranking.
6. Korea
It is a bit surprise to see LG get the first two chairs instead of Samsung. Local brands:Samsung, LG and Pantech covered all the top 10. We had to admit the competitiveness of Korea local brands.
Antutu wish this late report will help a little for the users who are confused facing the large amount of devices and brands. 
Antutu will release the yearly report in the near future and we will see what happened in the Android phone industry in the past 2014.