AnTuTu Benchmark V5.0--New Era of Android Benchmarking

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With rapid development of mobile internet, more and more smart devices are emerging in amazing scale and amount. Among various devices with different features, it is becoming complicated for users to pick up a dream one. The benchmark applications, display the devices performance in an accurate score, like AnTuTu benchmark,are born for users to help them make a choice. Over 100,000,000 users have used AnTuTu benchmark as their essential tools to test their devices performance. Today, AnTuTu release the latest major version---V5.0,which will begin an era of benchmarking.
To meet the trends of mobile industry and new needs of users, AnTuTu team is optimizing and update AnTuTu benchmark all the time, from testing items to testing algorithm.This time, AnTuTu makes a great update in this version.
The importance of the GPU in mobile devices have grown exponentially these days. To reflect this changing trend, we shift the scoring system more weight to graphics performance in the overall total score of the device. More than this adjustment, AnTuTu use the real 3D engine in V5.0. Also, new testing items are added according the daily using. AnTuTu is trying to let more users know more about the word “performance”.
Major update on V5.0
1. CPU single-threaded performance testing
2. Using real game engines — Cocos2D and Havok Vision
3. HTML 5 test
4. Android Runtime (ART)
5. Update algorithm of total score
AnTuTu never changes its product philosophy: fair, transparency and numbers is to reflect using experience. The score of testing is not the final purpose of AnTuTu benchmark. What we want to do is qualifying the performance, combined with users requirement and daily using experience, not just the maximum performance. The best Android benchmark in the world, that what we are trying for!
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