Most Popular Smartphones TOP 10 (World wide)

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Antutu released series reports of the most popular smart phones last quarter,2014. Large amount of new devices entered into market in April and the ranking of Antutu also has some change. Antutu database has received 10635159 scores device score information in second quarter, 5698587 from mainland China and others from all over the world, with valid statistics in 155 countries. Let’s see the overall trending of popular smartphone in some main countries and areas outside China first.  


1.USA market


The Top10 in USA list is relatively stable.Nexus 5/7 are still sitting in the top seats. In Q2, some “ black horses” appeared in the ranking, like HTC one M8 and HTC 6525L(x920e).


Samsung is still big winner in American market, get five of top ten seats. SM-G900(S5)and SM-N900(Note3) --Samsung flagships, are popular among American customers. VS980(G2)from LG ranks the 10th in this top list.


2. Southeast Asia market 


Users in Southeast Asia have more favorably on performance testing. We can see from the list, they prefer Samsung devices, which covered 7 in 10. We also find MOTO XT1033 in the list, although Moto is disappearing in the mobile market.


3.Russia market 


Russian top list includes devices of Samsung, LG, Google, HTC and Sony. Samsung i9300 and Google Nexus 5 ranked top 2.


4. Korea market 


Korea market has some changes for new devices run into the top 10. It is surprised to see Nexus 7 ranked into top 10 after Samsung,LG and Pantech.


In general,Samsung, LG, Gooogle are still three giants in the smartphone market outside China. HTC one M8 brought some market share for HTC, which might be noticeable.