Huawei Hisilicon AnTuTu V5.0(Beta)

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We start to talk about Hisilicon by K3V2. The update-process of Hisilicon is relatively slower than other manufacturers. It takes Hisilicon 2 years to replace K3V2 in their flagship product line We are glad to see that. new generation Kirin K920 is a powerful competitor in the market. 

1. Hisilicon K3V2

2. Hisilicon K3V2E

3. Kirin K910

4. Kirin K920

These four chips, almost cover Hisilicon chip family, those are applied in many devices in the market. Antutu update V5.0 does not bring much influence on scores of Hisilicon, with a small increased in general.

We could see in early K3V2, which adopted GC4000, got a high score in V4.0.(We known about what it real performance in actually using).In Antutu V5.0, with the adjustment on 3D testing, the score gets down from 2500 to 1800. This score is more accurate in terms its true performance. The score on K3V2E(K3V2pro)3D part get a great improvement form 2790 to 4327.